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Multi-channel Integrated DC Energy Meter  Model 2049

 Built-in DC CTs         LCD DISPLAY         RS485 INTERFACE   

ADS 2049 is a Microcontroller based Integrated Digital Meter to measure Multiple parameters on DC power Management applications. The general range available is 48V DC & 100A DC.

Clamp type DC CTs    - 20  mm dia CT Vent - No Additional Shunts

Multiple channels     4 and is economically priced.

Measures & Displays  DC Volt, DC Current & DC Energy(KWhr) of each channel. And Cumulative  Current & Energy(KWhr)


DISPLAY  Alphanumeric     16 X 2 LCD Display

  • Single meter measures Multiple channels
  • Built-in CTs for every ch
  • Measures DC Volt & Amp & Energy of each ch.
  • Measures Cumulative Current & Energy
  • Micro controller based
  • Large Alphanumeric back lit LCD Display
  • 1% FSD Accuracy
  • Software calibration
  • RS485 Interface for PC communication
  • Built-in noise filter for harsh field conditions
  • Compact meter
Technical Specifications
Input Signal  DC V  20 - 60V DC
   DC A  100A Cable in CT
No. of Channels  3 - 7 channels
CT Vent 20mm dia & 40 mm Dia
Accuracy  better than 1% fsd
Display  16 X 2 Alphanumeric back lit LCD Display
Auxillary Supply  Self powered
Package  Wall mounting unit